Tuesday, July 03, 2007

No Slice and Dice

I'm quite relieved to report that there will be no side of Screaming with today's order of Naming Ceremony. Ray, Mom and I are in Vancouver (arrived yesterday with a refreshingly short jaunt through customs - Three Hour Nightmare last trip, Fifteen Minute Pleasure Cruise this time). Although our bag got completely destroyed, everything went smoothly.

So yeah, babies are as cute as buttons, Nathaniel (Nate the quiet patient one) and Jeremiah (Remy the mischievous monkey). They are a little underweight, as twins are wont to be, so the Mohel wants to wait a little before he has to put their teeny tiny bodies through surgery. Mom is relieved. I am consequently also relieved as we were asked yesterday to be the Kvatter and Kvatterin (Godparents) for the ceremony. This is really a terrific honour for Ray and I, especially because we are not Jewish. This means Ray and I are responsible for transporting the babies from Mom to Dad to Mohel. I take the children from Sarah and hand them to Ray who hands them to Todd who then would, if there was going to be a circumcision, hand them to the Mohel. Kind of like baby Rugby. Even though we are really thrilled to have this job, I'm pretty relieved in that we don't have to be a part of the pain (before arriving, I was secretly fascinated that there was going to be surgery in an apartment - but I'm actually glad that we can all just be happy through the naming ceremony without the wails and winces).

This all happens at 5:30 tonight. Lots of (but not all) family will be there. Should be a pretty interesting night. I will take notes and report to duty later. I think we are going for a walk in Stanley Park now. Ray is pissed that he'll be in Canada for July 4th, but not as pissed that he is missing the Transformers opening!! I'll have to make it up to him with a sparkler in a flag cake when we get home.


H said...

So basically the entire ceremony is just a bunch of people passing the babies around. Got it. Like hot potato. But don't drop one.

Congratulations on getting funny Jewish titles in addition to being responsible for the lives of two babies that aren't yours!

Lollie said...

I like that - I'm going to nick-nickname Nate as Tater and Remy as Tot. Two Hot Puhtaytas!!

Whiskeymarie said...

Maybe you can get a transformers cake with a flag.
I'm sure they exist.
Good luck tonight- don't drop the babies!

cK said...

Didn't the Transformers open in Canada on July 3 too?

Those raccoons in Stanley Park seem to be, like the Transformers, more than meets the eye.