Saturday, June 30, 2007

No Bloodshed, No Tears

We're back on track baby - and I didn't even have to risk the clink. It was down to the wire (literally...I had my piano murder-wire ready to go) but a simple refresh gave me my screen back, ready to blog and be blogged.

Had a great time last night at S and E's house. The food was really yummy (except for the Super Fire Hot Queso Dip - my brother has a heavy hand with the Black Widow sauce). For the sleepover portion, we stayed next door at J & G's house while they are on vacation in Niagara Falls. Well, not really in the falls, but you know what I mean. J and G are total neat freaks - their house looks like a showroom, not a thing out of place. In fact, I think J has a touch of the OCD. So to eff with him, Ray and I planned to unwrap a few rubbers and toss the wrappers on his pillow and in the bathroom. I was going to lick his bathroom mirror and change his socks and underwear drawer. We abandoned the plan when we considered that they were going to be returning from a three week long driving trip. He could already be suicidal when he returns...that and he has 6- and 3-year-old girls. You never know who's going to find what where.

An aside - I need this number to refer to, but I'm too lazy to store it anywhere else W6374. Dear Hackers and general Nosy Nellys , this is not a password of any kind... ps - suck it. And you too Bell South - don't get too big for your britches...your not quite in my good graces yet.

And how about being woken by the doorbell and a 4-year-old in Spiderman Jays at 7:04 am? It's fantastic. He wanted to play chase at 7:06 am. So what could I do? I chased. In my Free Jahveri t-shirt and nary another thing...I held the edges down and ran slowly. Then we went back to their house and swam in the pool for an hour and after that we ate blueberry pancakes and turkey bacon. Dear Turkey Bacon, you are not real bacon but I like you just fine today.

I spent the rest of the day at home making Pops a new company website only to be interrupted by a burrito run in the rain at about 2:00. Dear Chipotle, you are my new favourite restaurant. Don't change anything on the menu...I want the shredded pork and roasted red peppers next time.

Ray is getting cabin fever and has jumped in the shower. I feel a cocktail coming on at our favourite bar in about 45 minutes. So I'm going to retire to the Master Bath to see if I can get lucky before we run out for drinks and dinner!

Good to be back!


Whiskeymarie said...

What a lovely weekend- your disclaimers are a hoot.

Oh, and if Chipotle is new to you- be warned. This stuff is like crack. When you start dreaming about it, you'll know what I mean.

H said...

Oh, Chipotle. I used to refer to you as "Like Panchero's, only not as good" and now refer to you as "Like Panchero's, only AWESOME!" You also made me very hungry for Chipotle. It is sooo bad for you. It's a good thing it's about a ten-minute drive to the nearest one -- my laziness deters me from going there very often.

Worker Mommy said...

Good times!

So do tell...did you manage to get lucky ?

Lollie said...

WM and h: so glad I have friends in Chipotle. There is half a burrito waiting for me in my fridge...and in my love affair delirium, I'm trying to convince myself that it won't give me massive food poisoning when I get home, in three days!!!

WMommy: I was working my Frosted Lucky Charms...and they worked!