Sunday, July 08, 2007

Quick Update

So far, all is good. Great hotel, lovely room (once it was hoo us, we were forced to go out back by the pool and eat ceviche from a martini glass until we could get the room at 4:00). Now I am lounging in the room watching crap on the boob. (My Super Sweet Sixteen Highlight Reel and a marathon of Charm School. I'm actually listening to my brain liquefy right now.) I might interject here that my sweet sixteen (purposely written in lower case) sucked bag. My mom forgot my birthday completely until I "reminded" her that night. By reminded, I mean slamming my door and crying all night.

Some Things I Have Never Seen Before:

1) There is a massive selection of gay, bi, and trannie porn on the movie listing in this room. One of the flicks is described as follows:
AC/DC Orgy a non-stop orgy of bi-sexual guys who love to screw guys and to screw girls. Four guys and girls who really know how to mix it up.

Umm - is this new to anyone else, or is the whole bi porn in the hotel adult entertainment menu old hat? Have I been living under a rock? I just need to know.

2) A dude with dreads down to the pavement. Seriously, this is an example of what would happen if Bob Marley and Crystal Gayle mated. How long could this have taken to grow knotty locks down to the floor? The guy didn't even look old enough to have hair that long.

Back with more later - off to the Rose Bar in The Delano for drinks before Emeril's!


H said...

I hope you had a most lovely evening!

Whiskeymarie said...

I knew a guy with dreads once that cut one off just to inspect it closer.
It had tiny worms in it.
He cut them all off that day.

As far as the porn- geez, I don't know. maybe we're prudes and didn't even know it.

Lollie said...

Eww - worms? Okay, that's nasty. Come to think of it, this guy must've had critters in his hair. I mean, how would he sit down and not have Florida crawlies investigating his ropes? I'd bet a hundred clams that he had at least one fire ant in there.

Worker Mommy said...

Uggh...the other WM just gave me the serious heebeejeebees.

My twin sis has the most rockinest dreads ever, they're really small and well maintained , bur only about 1/2 way down her back. Nothing like the spawn of Bob Marley & Crystal Gayle

Yeah, I guess I must be living under a rock too. Thats new to me.