Sunday, July 15, 2007

2nd Verse! Same As The 1st!

I could write down all the stuff I did today, but it would look a lot like the last post. Glad My Guy and I got whacked with the same lazy stick - it would have been a drag to pull the other along if one of us had had more energy than the other.

Actually, the day started and ended a little differently. We went out to Boston's for breakfast. The clientele can be a bit harsh there and I'm sure Shirley, our waitress, has seen her share of Hardened Bikers and Boca Bitches. She was super efficient but not, shall we say, of the jolly persuasion. After she refilled our coffee, I commented to Ray that I was pretty sure if I ghosted her all day I could still count the number of times she smiled on one hand. And he immediately added to that by saying, "yeah and she'd still have enough left-over to make the peace sign and pick her nose." This is why I love My Guy. He's quick and deadly.

Our evening ended by finally defrosting and eating our wedding cake topper - a year and a half later. Really the whole thing looked fabulous but was completely inedible because the rum soaked cake had gone from 40% alcohol to about 160%. Luckily it wasn't a birthday cake because lighting the candles would've burned our entire development to the ground. We were going to watch our wedding video, but somehow we ended up watching bits of From Dusk Til Dawn II: Texas Blood Money during the commercial breaks of two episodes of Law & Order.


Whiskeymarie said...

We froze the top of our cake because my mother-in-law insisted we should.
We threw it away after a few months- it scared me too much to think of eating it in a year.
Plus I needed the freezer space.

Lollie said...

I know - I was a little scared too. Hell of a buzz I could have gotten had I been able to stomache the fumes...

But on the bright side I now have a whole top freezer shelf that I can use.