Sunday, July 08, 2007

Miami Redux

Surprise, we're going to Miami tonight! My Guy has another conference so we are going to head out to South Beach for a lovely evening in a different hotel (thank you, fortuitous stars!). The National, I'm told, is lovely. Hopefully we'll have none of that nastiness that was The Marseilles from last time. Looking forward to a clean lobby where they can find our reservation, a clean room where I don't mind sitting on the furniture without a towel, an air conditioning unit that has actual numbers on it - not just a knob on the wall, a pool that is not full of Cha-Cha bitches who want to scream in the hallway at 4 in the morning and a back bar that is not pumping foulness that they were passing off as appropriate public music (earmuffs, children, earmuffs!!!).

Not sure where we are going for dinner, but I'm hoping it involves plantains. I'm in a Cuban State of Mind.

Back to work in the morning, so I will be hitting the freeway at the wee hours. I'm off to pack my ditty-bag! Ciao Bellas!

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Whiskeymarie said...

Eat some for me, please.