Monday, July 30, 2007

Here's the Deal

Listen up Hell's Kitchen candidates!

Have you morons never watched the show? Did you go into this Inferno unawares? Can you really stand there and tell me that you are surprised when you are included in the last three standing and Chef wants you to take over the Pass? What's with the plating up and sending food out WITHOUT TASTING IT?! You honestly didn't think that Scott the Chef was going to purposely leave out an important ingredient...say like the crab in the Crab Spaghetti??!!

Guh. I can't cook, but I know my TV. Wake up people.


cK said...

I've been flummoxed by that sort of thing all season. They seem surprised at every task...yet they all seem to genuflect before Chef Ramsey, as if they were familiar with his restaurants, his ego, his television show.

I was shocked at the end last night. Either this "nanny" has a secret (such as always pretending not to understand what's going on), or Ramsey had already decided to hand the restaurant to Rock.

He better drop that third person routine, though. cK doesn't like that.

Sassmaster said...

I get the same way about ANTM. Dude, the judges HATE it when you make excuses! Don't do it! This is like the 8th cycle! God.

Everyone hated Melrose in the 2nd to last cycle and she was a pill, but I had to admire the fact that she totally had been paying attention.

Lollie said...

cK: Exactly my thought - he wants Rock to win

Sass: Ray said the same thing - he loved Melrose cause she did everything right....and was pissed when she didn't win. "See!? That's why I hate watching these shows!"

Whiskeymarie said...

I left a comment here earlier that has since disappeared. If you find it, please bring it to the front desk lost and found.
Thank you.