Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It'll All Blow Over

And so it did. Was there hype because this was the 1-year anniversary of Katrina? Ummm, yeah. Was there panic at the pumps? For sure...we dried out those gas stations before it even got windy. Shutters went up, or in our case, across - Holy F, do I love the accordions on the top floor. I believe our shutter installation last month was the sole reason this storm never came. You can send your thanks in the mail. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes...Ice was at a premium. Publix was out of it the day before, and on the night of, all that precious ice was floating in the block party drinks when we all realized that it was goingto be "no big deal."

At least it was that way on my street. Lawn chairs were parked on driveways and new neighbours met one another. It was all very suburban. The spitting started (the rain, not the neighbours) and we retired to the inside where pasta and meatballs were waiting for us. Poker followed, as did my new love affair with the sweetest Schnauzer in the world, Lucky. He leaned on me, heavily, as if he was a Great Dane (I hear they do this). He wanted to be scrubbed - his eyes told me so. So I did and I fell. How did it come to this? Now I want a dog. (Don't tell Ray!)

So yes, my house it full of crap food (canned , bagged, dried) and lawn furniture. At least we will be ready for the real storm - though I'm sure that won't come until out warranty runs out and all of our shutters fall off our house.