Friday, July 06, 2007

Behind The Eight Ball

Found it...

8) I worked one time as a "model" in San Francisco in the early 90's at the downtown Chanel Salon for an Oakland Ballet fund raising gig. It was very cool to have the makeup artist do my Chanel face Kewpie-doll style and wear drop dead gorgeous Chanel clothing. Worker Mommy only went to 7 so I only included Whiskey's side of life for number 8.

That is all.

Actually, that is not all.

What's worse than coming home tired from a 5 day trip at 10 pm after a 7 hour plane ride and finding a pile of dog shit on your driveway? Waking up in the morning to hose it off only to find that a wad a pink chewing gum has come to keep it company. WTF?!! When did our front yard become the New Jersey dump?

Dear Neighbours,

My husband says that if he catches you spitting out your gum or sees your dog spitting out his poo on our driveway again, he will go Robocop On Your Ass and snap your neck (and your little dog too). I happen to like my life and I really want to decorate our Brooklyn apartment. Do not make me scrabble for bail trying to get him out of the pokey.

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