Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It Was The Question About The Comic Books That Put Me Over The Edge

33% Geek


cK said...

Holy buckets! I scored a 61%. Now, I should go back and correct the comic book response. It occurs to me I've read a few graphic novels since age 15. Even the more grown-up comic is really still a comic. Who are we kidding?

In my defense, I didn't watch Star Trek--any of them--but I do somehow know the Ferengi hear well. (They have giant ears!) And, I recall the name "Balrog" from the Lord of the Rings movies. So some of my geekdom is just overheard or mildly observed trivia, not true geekiness.

Sassmaster said...

I'm only a 24%. I guess I have to read some Tolkien now.

cK, that's a bit too much protesting, methinks. Own it!