Friday, July 20, 2007

Had A Great Moment Tonight

On my own, My Guy in Vegas, just arrived home from dropping off my niece back at home (we watched Ratatouille in the theatre).

Got home, fed Manky Cat and decided I didn't want to cook, so I went to our favourite haunt, solo, and tucked into the outside bar for a late meal.

Tonight's dinner, though outside, was very different from last night's. It was hot yes, but I was relaxed, in a tank top, and loving my surroundings.

Here was my moment:

The Steak Diane arrived and it's first waft was divine - I couldn't wait to get into it. I had a cold glass of chardonnay, a side of veg, Weezer's Island in the Sun was booming and I was watching a surfing video.

That was it. It was a little slice of perfection.

And I was flirted with 6 separate times! Does an old body good to know she can still work it even when she's not...


Whiskeymarie said...

I'm one of those weirdos that loves occasionally eating alone- you can just sit and sip and eat, and not talk.
I saw your website- you're a sexy little minx and you know it. Boys would be stupid to not at least TRY to mack on you.

Lollie said...

Hey, can I schedule a regular session with you every Sunday afternoon to boost my ego? I'm going to take about five minutes right now to wonder what would have happened had you and I met in person when we were single and on the man-hunt...let's also put us in Manhattan. Yes, this is good right back.

cK said...

Was this the Falcon House? or Key Lime? or what?

You're the cat's pajamas, Lol.

Lollie said...

The Falcon, natch. And thanks know I think you're the puppy's nightie.

H said...

I can imagine few things scarier than eating alone. Kudos to you!