Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Japanese Are Weird Buggers...And I Love Them

So I'm sitting at the desk, minding my own business, wondering what the weird noises are coming from E's computer...then she suddenly says, quite seriously, "Are we supposed to be catching the poop?"

Intrigued, I immediately went to my Outlook to see if there was a message with a link from the cK. Yep - and here it is.


cK said...

You don't catch the poop! You shoot what is essentially a symbol of your finger towards the pooping bottom. If you hit it square in the bung, it notes "Perfect!"

(Can you say "Circle gets a square!"?)

Catch the blue things to level up. Shoot the bottom only when the poop is falling or exactly the moment you think it'll release.

Worker Mommy said...

Oh, man why did you have to post this. Like I need anything else to help me avoid work.

Lollie said...

Yeah really, I'd imagine with twins you get enough of the poop at home.

H said...

This was AWESOME. Although, when I finally won, the little thing at the end almost gave me a seizure.