Wednesday, July 04, 2007

More Things I Have Never Seen Before

Some of these are pre-trip, some are as recent as this morning getting coffee at 6:40 in Vancouver (ahh, jet lag).

  • A van with the back window cut out to fit an apartment air conditioning unit
  • A middle-aged man who really should have known better than to constawaddy the nine people behind him in an airport security line (post screening) to tie not one but both of his fucking Topsiders. We were all jammed up and collecting like the chocolates in that I Love Lucy episode.
  • A regular old, white, Toyota Corolla driving next to us as we taxied in the plane. No logos, no purpose...just a regular sedan on the tarmac.
  • A cracked fender exposing half of the sturdy underpinnings of the car, meaning...Styrofoam. Umm, yeah, are the doors on this particular make and model made of spit and Kleenex?
  • A Port-A-Potty being hauled up by a crane to the top of a new building under construction. I guess if you gotta go up there, you gotta go.
  • Stanley Park and its raccoons. Not sure if the whole "aren't we cute" act was to lure you in for the rabid throat kill. We gave them a wide berth.


H said...

I'd never thought about construction workers needing to do their business at the top of a new building. Thank you for enlightening me. =)

Worker Mommy said...

Ahh, Lol, where was your digital camera for all these nifty things ?

I'd especially like to have seen number one capture on "film"

Whiskeymarie said...

I guess it's better than the boys peeing over the edge from 20 stories above...

cK said...

It would be far more alarming to see the full biffy being lowered from the top of the building!