Thursday, May 17, 2007


Okay, so Thaiday Friday came a day early. I have nothing to say except that it was yummy and not nearly as spicy as expected. Maybe I'm losing my touch.

As promised, here is my riff off H's Meme:

1) My nails are as hard as, well, nails. I got them from my dad - his nails are as hard as Desperate Dan's. I can't even bend my nails. I have to trim them often because I can't type with them - I keep hitting the key above the intended one. My mom has crap nails, they flake and bend regularly. Except when she was on chemo...strangely, they became Desperate Dan-like during those months. It was really the only good thing about shooting poison into her body every two weeks. That, and it killed the cancer cells.
2) I played Sitting Bull's young daughter in the Pinawa Players production of Annie Get Your Gun. I was about 6 or 7 and I sat on an enormous drum, had no lines and did a little dancing. I loved my costume, it was fake suede and I helped my mom paint it a few nights before dress rehearsal. I wore a feather in my headband. Simplicity. It was beautiful.
3) I have broken my left thumb joint and my left big toe joint (well, chipped really). The thumb came from a too large catcher's mitt in my softball days. The inside loop caught my thumb while I was tagging a girl coming in from third base. She ended up being out, as was my thumb joint when I removed it (sideways) from my glove. It was determined that the doctor broke it when he tried to jam it back into place. I had a cast for 6 weeks. It was itchy and I scratched it by shoving a knitting needle between the cast and my poor, poor skin. The toe was another ordeal. I got my first official job in a ballet company. My (stupid) (then) boyfriend was spotting my handstand roll-downs we had to perform for May O'Donnell's modern ballet. He decided I was doing so well that he stopped spotting me...and I went ass over tea kettle and landed square on the top of my left big toe. A piece of bone chipped off in there somewhere and they couldn't find it for weeks. It took forever to heal and I missed half of the fall season. He left for NY in the middle of October that year, I stayed for 12 more years.
4) I have owned two cars n my lifetime. Both I paid for in cash. Agnes was my first. I named her after the lady who sold her to me. She looked exactly like Agnes DiPesto from Moonlighting. She was a Toyota Corolla - the car, not the lady. She had a cat who had lost the use of its back legs and she dragged herself around in a kitty carriage. The cat, not the lady. My second car was and still is a Honda Accord. Ray calls it my ghetto car (just because he has a zippy little Mini Cooper - which I covet!). I love my car - it corners like a dream.
5) Not a finicky eater at all. I'll pretty much eat anything. There are a few things I don't care for, however. Hot cooked fruit is one of them and I am too lazy to prepare fresh fruit. All that peeling and washing and cutting. Plus, fruit has to be kept in the fridge here in Florida, and my sensitive teeth are just not down with that.
6) I sink in the water. I can swim, but with no stamina. If I fell off a boat, I'd be literally Dead in the Water. I've almost drowned three times, but apparently, I was born with "the cap" - I guess that basically means I came out with a placenta hat, and have been told that the old wives tale says I'll never die from drowning.
7) I've lived on two oceans, and I invite H to come visit and see Florida's portion of ocean for her first time.
8) My brain is ambidextrous. I have equal parts creative right brain and logical left brain. It's my Mom/Dad Creative/Logical Yin/Yang. I'm also a Libra. I like balance.


cK said...

Two right brain elements? What does the left do?

I'm often confused about the left-right brain issue. I also struggle to remember whether Type A is the more detail-obsessed type, though I think it is (because Michael Bloomberg has been called Type A and I read a long article about him).

My "word verification" word: fuoclk. Sounds like a drunk cuss.

H said...

I can never remember which side of my brain does what, I just know that whatever side of my brain does math doesn't work AT ALL.

Lollie said...

cK: ooops - that was an error - I guess one side of my brain wasn't working too well.