Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Already Drowning

Okay, so I'm off to do the first of many babydom tests. Today is progesterone blood sample and ultrasound day. I have to drink about a gallon of water for "optimal sonic viewing." For those of you who know me (aka Camelgirl) you know what an ordeal this is for me For those who don't, I don't like water. I don't drink it. It is a waste of time. My liquid consumption during an average day is a swag of juice in the morning - from the carton - and two coffees at my desk. Okay maybe three. Then I'll have a coke or glass of wine with dinner. And that's considered a good day.

It's 9:20 and I've already had two large beer glasses of lemon-flavoured water because I just can't stomach it plain. This is going to be agony. I can't wait to pee and stop drinking this swill.

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H said...

Good luck with the blood and sonic guts and the drinking of all the water.

Also, be careful if you're driving anywhere before you get to pee so as not to make your bladder rupture. That would be much less fun than filling it was.