Monday, May 21, 2007

Now I Have an Excuse to be Stupid

I'm blonde again...I just spent two hours getting my hair separated, painted and foiled, and I'm not quite sure if I'm loving it. I think she mistook my request to be less yellow and more ashy to mean, "make me platinum!!"

Ray said it looks like I have wig hair. Not a good thing to tell a woman who is on the fence about her $120 purchase (and can't go back to the store for a return). He said he meant that I went away brown and came back completely different - like I had put on a wig. I'm really touchy about the whole hair thing because, well...I'm all about my hair. My hair and my ass - but tonight mostly about my hair. Saying that I look like I have a wig on is bad. But I forgive him. He knows not what he says.

He goes to a barber.


Sassmaster said...

I'm sure it's lovely. Give us a picture and we'll say reassuring things.

H said...

I'm sure your hair looks great. But guys just don't understand, do they?

The last time I got highlights my stylist did a really bad job, but I forgave her because her dog was dying.

One thing I absolutely LOVE is getting my hair foiled. Love love love it. I used to not want to color my hair and now I want to get my hair foiled every single day.

cK said...

Where's my photo!? You've got a camera in the office. Snaps, please!

Lollie said...

Pics coming soon - my camera and card reader are never in the same place...