Saturday, May 26, 2007

For Hulles

Less bitching, more Saturday morning happiness, because it makes you happy Hulles.

Things that made me smile:
  • When shopping at 8:45 am for curtain tension rods, Walmart greeted me this morning with a Frito-Lay Arc de Triomphe. Stacked boxes and bags of Doritos, Cheetos, Tostitos, and Lay's potato chips welcomed me to the wonders of Walmart.
  • 80's theme on the radio - sang along to Human League (Fascination), J.Geils Band (Angel is a Centerfold) and The Go-Gos (Head Over Heels). A cop saw me boppin' in my car and he smiled at me. Even the Popo was happy this morning!
  • The best thing of all was when I was walking into Publix to pick up cat food for the Mank. A man, he was 65 if he was a day, was dressed in board shorts, a short-sleeved tropical button down and a Panama Jack hat. He was running out of the grocery store at full speed with his cart and as soon as he hit the pavement, he hopped on the back of his cart and stuck his tongue out in delight. He looked like a 4-year-old coasting all the way to his car. It was awesome.


H said...

Oh, how I love "Angel is a Centerfold." What a great song.

cK said...

You do possess serious song-and-dance skills while mototring along. I've seen you in action.

Perhaps you might form a reality show around the best auto singing...


Lollie said...

Thank you. The chair-dance sing-a-long is a long practiced skill.

whiskeymarie said...

"Fascination" and "Head over heels" make me so happy my knees buckle.
I sing in my car too- and very often have "moves" to go along with the performance.

The guy riding the cart makes me want to restore my faith in the human some point.

What a good day.