Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Taco, Burrito, Hey What's Comin' Outta Your Speedo?

It's Taco Tuesday (hey Hulles and H - I'm dancing! That's right...doing a taco dance)!!!

So here's what we ended up with tonight. Mr. Anything But Beef got everything plus chicken. Are chicken tacos a cop out? I don't know, it tasted good though. Could have been a little spicier. The taco sauce that came with the "taco kit" was labeled mild. It wasn't hot enough for Ray, so he went for the big guns.

I didn't, however, indulge in Ray's Black Widow sauce.

Why? Because I didn't want to look like Taco Faye Baker.


cK said...

What if we just subjected you to frightfully hot food for like two weeks straight? Do you think we could alter your DNA?

At the very least, the rest of us would be entertained.

H said...

Taco Faye Baker...too damn funny.

Someday I will post the drunken video of me doing the taco dance. Someday. Probably when I am drunk.

SuperBee said...

Endorphin Rush. Hottest sauce I ever done tasted.

Taco Faye Bakker. Funny.