Monday, May 14, 2007

Sushi Faye Baker

This was me about an hour ago.

No, I wasn't crying about the state of the world, nor was I whimpering because some jackhole cut me off on the freeway. This, friends, is my wasabi face.


Though emulating a former televangelist's heavily Maybellined wife, I was quite proud and happy when I self portraited [myself?]. I decided to dive headlong into my sushi-making debut this afternoon. I already had the nori from a previous shopping trip. The sushi rice was ready and waiting to be used - and has been for the better part of 4 months. I had some veggies that were sushi appropriate and all I needed was the fish. Hello Marcello! Our West Palm fish market closed abruptly, so I fell back to the Lantana fish monger, Marcello. Hit or miss with the charm, I got him on a good day - though he relished telling me that he would not sell me anything that wasn't suitable for sushi... "No Mahi-Mahi. I won'ta sella you da Mahi-Mahi. Itsa too lean." All the while he was yelling intermittently at his co-worker (or maybe just some random guy behind the counter?) in rapid-fire Italian. I couldn't tell if he was berating him, or recounting a pleasant day at the beach.

In any case, this is what I produced in my non-Japanese kitchen, and it wasn't half bad. Though I might have been a little too liberal with the wasabi.


H said...

Good work! It looks good. I mean, not good like I would want to eat it (you know I don't like the fish, especially uncooked) but good like it looks like sushi, and anytime a person is preparing food and it turns out even somewhat resembling what they were attempting to be preparing, I think that's an accomplishment. At least, it is for me.

Lollie said...

Maybe I'll start a theme. Should I take pictures of Taco Tuesday?

Sassmaster said...

Will the tacos leave you as distraught as the wasabi? Will your theme include only foods that make you cry? Fiery hot salsa! Grilled onions! Fallen quiche!

H said...

YES you should take pictures of Taco Tuesday. I have a taco dance!

Lollie said...

So we went to Wendy's for lunch after we got back from the Why-Aren't-We-Pregnant doctor's appointment. We both had big nasty dripping burgers.

I asked Ray what he wanted for dinner and he replied, "Anything but beef."

Maybe the pic will have to be of chicken tacos...or maybe fish tacos?

What is your taco dance?

Hulles said...

I also have a taco dance. It might be a little bit different than h's. The sushi looks great.

Lollie said...

I feel like Joan Cusack in the movie In and Out where she asks, "IS EVERYBODY GAY?!!"


cK said...

I'm still stunned by this. Nice one.

H said...

It's this little thing I choreographed in the lunch line in high school. It involves lots of hip shaking and a little ditty I wrote, the lyrics to which are "I love tacos! Taco taco taco taco!"

Yeah, I'm that lame. And tell Ray welcome to the "anything but beef" club.