Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hey Honda, WTF?!!

I love Rick, I do, really.

Rick is my Honda Service Guy. He's an older gentleman who has been married to "a good old girl" for 48 years, and tells me about the trips they are going to take for various anniversaries. He calls me "Honey" and he notices even minute changes in my hair colour. Sitting at his outdoor desk in his navy shorts and white Sherwood Honda golf shirt, he says smoothly in his sandy voice"You're a little lighter than before. That brown was too dark for you. I like you best as a blonde, Honey. You know that." Wink.

I went in yesterday because on Monday, my service light went on. After squinting at the faded ink on the crooked sticker stuck in the corner of my windshield, I deciphered that I was due for my 84,000 mile check-up. Okay, so an appointment was made, I got my ass there really, really early in the morning and dropped off the car for its "oil change." The "oil change" turned into a four hour servicing because Rick, who I love, I really do, told me that there was a recall on the ignition locking mechanism on my model. "The key literally flies out of the ignition...and the car is still running, Honey! You need to get that replaced. I'm just looking out for you."

So I thanked him for his kind attention, called Ray and asked him to pick me up. After chomping on some cream cheese and bread with coffee (actually, I should have said chomping on some coffee - it was really stiff), Ray knocked on the glass and we were on our way.

The day went by, the call came in to pick up the car, the car got retrieved.

Then I tried to start my car in the morning. The key would't turn over. It was like the wheel was locked...but it wasn't. Jam, jam, jam. Jam infinity....then it decided to crack past whatever was jamming it up and turned over. Hmmm, I wondered to myself, maybe it is fine now. Let's try this again. Jam, jam, jam. Arghhhhh! 5 minutes later it cracked past whatever again.

I just dropped off the car again this morning. Hi, Rick? You know I love you, I really do, but I'm recalling your recall.


cK said...

From time to time that happens on my old Nissan if I park with the wheel slightly (or excessively) turned. It's horrible. I always think I'm going to snap the key getting the ignition to turn.

It happened once a 95 degree day. There I was, stuck in my non-starting car, sweating from the heat and the exertion of trying to turn the damn key! Oy.

Here's a thing: the Muse and I got out of my car last week and while walking away heard the fan whir beneath the hood. We looked at one another. We looked at the car. It whirred the way it does when it's cooling itself. After 15 seconds, it went off. The keys had been in my pocket the whole time we stood outside the car.

Lollie said...

I've seen your car, and no offense - it is not swank enough to have a self timed, self cooling fan. I think it was just raspberrying you.