Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Flaming Lips

Around the World in 80 Days and tonight we are in Italy.
Hot, spicy, burn your lips off Italy.
Make your lips look a bit like you went Florida-crazy-lady-with-the-coral-lipstick-outside-of-your-lip-line Italy.
Greazzzzy, puffy lips, hot spicy oily Italy.
My mouth is on fire kinda Italy.

Pasta is the order of the day, but we punted it into next week with HOT sausage and red pepper flakes. Cibo Caldo!

Seriously, I'm going to have to either blow out the whole week and go Indian Curry Thursday, and Thai-day Friday
save my o-ring and eat mayo on Wonderbread for the next two days.

1 comment:

cK said...

Fire in the hole! Don't stop the burn, friend.