Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bigger Picture

As told to me by E:

So there I was with a really poopy diaper and Kief and Sash were wrestling on the bed. I asked Sash if he could go into the garage and get the diaper bag out of the car.
Kiefer (4 years old): Oooh, it's really dark and scary in the garage - I'm scared to go in there. Come with me.

Sash (getting off the bed): Alright buddy, I'll go with you.

Kiefer: Not you Daddy. I was talking to God.
Sash and E are not religious by any stretch of the imagination. They have Kiefer in this Christian school because it is really good (except for all the God stuff) and conveniently located. In a previous story, Kiefer had pooh-poohed the problem of being dirty and messy by saying, "Praise the Lord - we're washable!

Ray, after hearing the garage story, said, "Praise the Lord, he's brain-washable!"


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There's also video brainwashing:

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I've been scrubbing for hours...