Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Quick Cut and Paste Email String...

How would you feel about going to Baltimore for the conference in June? I'm ovulating that week. Guh.
I could go to Baltimore.
Did I forget to tell you that the cat is out of the preggie-bag? I had to tell E and the Rents since I will be missing scads of work for tests and such - thanks for looking out though - you're a peach.
Wait a minute. You're not going to go to one of those labs at which they put seven or eight pregnant eggs in you, are you? I can handle two, but if you wind up on the Today show....
Hold on there Sailor. We're just going to go with an order of blood tests with a side of Ultrasound tomorrow. We'll go from there.
Blood and sonic guts! Sounds like a good time.
Wow - sonic guts - that's blog worthy.


cK said...

Cha-ching! My agent will be happy to know that with this email I finally am earning some cred (nontangible royalties) on all my emailing!

Thanks, Lol, my possibly now or soon-to-be preggers friend.

Not the father,

Lollie said...

oooh - should I have asked you about copyright permission? Is your agent going to sue me for e-royalties? Are you going to sue me? Ahhhh, you can be the Godfather? (in wheezy, pneumatic sotto voce) "Make me an offer I can't refuse."