Monday, April 02, 2007

Best Part of the Weekend

So I took my niece Coleen to go see Romeo & Juliet this Sunday. She is four, but very mature (though she did hide her face during the swordfights because "I don't want to see the bad guy"). In the car on the way home, she wanted to recap what had happened on stage.

Midway into the story...

C: So then I remember when Romeo fell, he fell, you know, he fell on the soccer grass.

L: The soccer grass? What do you mean he fell on the soccer grass?

C: You know, at the end of the ballet, when he fell, he fell on the soccer grass!

L: Huh?



L: Do you mean the sarcophagus?

C: Yeah, the soccer...I mean sarcophagus.

SHE'S FOUR!! And what's more, none of us can figure out where she got the word sarcophagus. It wasn't me, or her mom or her dad. This child is brilliant. I want in on her Nobel Prize when she is 12.


Hulles said...

I love this post. Thanks lots, dear. XO.

cK said...

I'm starting to get an idea for a film that combines the power of Shakespeare with the power of sport.

LaCosta (Lollie) said...

Which sport? Jai Alai?

Hulles said...

Upon further reflection, I think she was saying "Sacre gras!", which means "Holy Fat Thing!" in French. Was Juliet plump?

And nice undies.

LaCosta (Lollie) said...

No, Juliet was fairly thin - but I did do Firebird once where a reviewer thought the lead dancer was too hefty. He called her a "plump Robin."

He was right - she was fat.

SuperBee said...

Lollie - Re: Siamese Kittens in WPB, when I was shopping I went to "Aunt Bea" who is a crazy cat lady, but who has ADORABLE (and expensive) Tonkinese Siamese

Beatrice Dore'
"Aunt Bea"

Miami - Palm Beach

LaCosta (Lollie) said...

Oooh - thanks Superbee. Hopefully we won't need her for a while but I will contact Aunt Bea when I find myself donning the black kitty arm band.