Friday, April 06, 2007

How to Lick Old Age

I'm in the middle of baking a chocolate cake right now. I have 8 minutes left on my cupcakes and 10 after that for the three cakes. Three cakes equals 6 layers with whipped cream icing and berries in between...Holy Mountain High! The cupcakes are for the little ones at Easter Sunday dinner, occurring tomorrow afternoon (Saturday) at lunch.

So I was feeling a little low today, a little old, a little slow. If you are ever feeling this way, follow my lead: Make a cake.
  • Pour the cakes, wipe edge with finger, lick said finger.
  • Scoop and deposit the batter into cupcake forms (the more colourful the better), lick spoon.
  • Scrape the bowl, lick spatula.
  • Remove the beaters, pass one to husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, cat/dog, and commence licking (the beater not the...oh well, whatever turns your crank).
I defy you to feel crappy after all that chocolaty goodness, not to mention the licking.

Making a cake and exercising your taste buds this way is akin to walking down the street with a 6 foot Hoagie. It's going to make you feel better whether you want to or not. It makes you feel like a kid again, and you know what? Those days weren't half bad.


Hulles said...

Without meaning to sound crude, which for some reason seems to come naturally, I think it's the licking and not necessarily what's being licked. And I'm serious, dammit, so quit making that face.

LaCosta (Lollie) said...

I think it was the chocolate cake batter that had smudged on my nose and cheek. I felt like a was great.