Monday, April 09, 2007

Keeping a Tally

Black is back:

9:20 am - Editing a very large document from email. Power out. All changes lost.
3:30 pm - One day after hiring a pricey sales person, my guy loses a huge client, could lose another in June. This would mean lights out.
7:30 pm - To appease said depressed man, I have been subjected to 5 straight episodes of Enterprise (one partial as we flipped to Law and Order during SciFi commercials).

3:55 am - Cat wakes me akk, akk, akking, while cuddled down, dead asleep. Missed the barf towel I keep on the headboard and watched her yak all over the bed. Tuna. Nice.
3:56 am - My guy snaps on the light so we can change the sheets. At that moment, I hate him more than the cat for the even ruder awakening. I have always been convinced that I can hang on to the sleep state as long as it is dark.
5:30 am - Finally found the sleep state again.
5:40 am - Woke up to cat yakking again.
8:00 am - Una mas. One more time with feeling people.
2:30 pm - The company that has been our web hosting server for forever has gone from Shining Angel to Rude Asshole in the space of 5 months. WTF?! Is it just because I'm SleepGrumpy?
4:30 pm - Eye test. Yes your eyes are worse (but only a little) and yes you have the same thing as your dad (narrow angle) and yes your eye could explode because of too much fluid (but it's rare). Says the doc, "Just keep an eye on it...*wink*"

to be continued...

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