Friday, April 27, 2007

SF Night 2 and 3


Spent the day working in the hotel room (took advantage of the free wireless). By 3:35 I had wicked cabin fever and needed to get out so I put on my city boots and scoured Union Square for the perfect pajama/lingerie outfit for tonight's Supperclub drag show.

Who, in the great city of San Francisco, can not find anything to wear? Me.

I went to Victoria's Secret (the secret is that their stuff is either see through or girly-stupid), shopped next door at Pink (no thank you, I don't want a pair of super shorty sweatpants with "Pink Princess" scrawled across my ass), hit Macy's (nada), Nordie's (Grandma), and then Bloomie's (nothing!!!!!). However, Bloomie's wasn't a total bust because I did get a lovely pampering surprise while browsing in the lingerie section: an Eileen West goodie bag and glass of sparkling wine. After two sips I was tipsy and that's when I remembered that I missed lunch.

I hurried on back to the hotel and got ready for the evening. There was a communication mix-up with Shandy (she thought I was talking about next Wednesday) so I got stood up on my ride into Oakland. Fortunately, Verna hadn't left her job at the gym yet, so I rushed to the BART and took the train with her. It was fortuitous because we ad a lengthy and very good talk about life, death, parents and what's important. Oh, and she's engaged to Greg! Mike and I introduced them to each other so score one (no two!) shadkhn points for us. Amy and Alan were our first pairing.

Greg picked us up at the station and after stopping at the old apartment (so strange every time I go back there - for those not in the know, I used to live there, across the hall with my first husband Mike for over ten years), we went to Piedmont Ave to meet the gang. As usual, it was a great night of just hanging and laughing hysterically. And, as usual, it was too short. But I get to see everyone again tonight, so that's okay.


Same routine during the day. Same breaking point at around 3:30, which gave me time to get ready for the gym. Verna invited me as her guest to her very exclusive, posh, tra-laa, twee, hoighty-toighty sports club situated next to The Four Seasons. What I thought was a good decision turned out to be a bad one. I chose the Window-Overlooking-Market-Street-Elliptical-Machine section to run for 20 minutes. Bad Idea Jeans. The sun hadn't gone down yet and I spent the first 15 minutes in the sunshine getting totally overheated. I felt barfy and light headed when I got off the machine. I had to run my wrists under icy cold water to cool down so that I wouldn't faint in her Pilates class. Why didn't I move? Because I'm a stubborn Irish girl.

The class was excellent and I told her so. I got lost on the way out of the gym - the place is like a maze. As I made my way to Powell Street, I suddenly got inspired and ducked into Old Navy. I purchased my pajama/lingerie outfit (read on)!

So Shandy and I got our shit in a pile and we met to go out to her friend's birthday party. It was nice to sit and talk with her and Jim but I felt bad about bogarting all of her time. Well, not that bad. Ha! We both got hit with the tired stick at the same time, so we cut the night short, but I should be seeing her tonight as well.

So what am I wearing tonight?

Tighty-whitey men's boxer briefs and a white wifebeater! I'm going to wear this under my black silk peignoir and kick myself up in the big girl shoes - black patent leather peekaboo toe pumps.

I have to jet and jump in the shower. Fill you in on the evening's action later.


cK said...

You rock, Lol. Glad you had such a grand time out there (or out here, as I write this).

The Lamb says hello, by the way.

Lollie said...

Baa! Baa!

Are you both having the most wonderful time? I feel assured that the answer is a resounding "yes!"

Hulles said...

I'm waiting....

H said...

Boxer briefs and a wifebeater - NICE. I will get to your questions, but they are tough. They require some thought, probably not the kind of thought I can give to them right now (post margarita and huge beer at happy hour).

SuperBee said...

Bad Idea Jeans?!


I love it, and am hereby stealing it.

: )

Your only Folly, Lollie, was allowing me to THIEVE YOUR EXPRESSIONS!


Lollie said...

Ooooh Suberbee, what you don't know is that I STOLE that one from Saturday Night Live circa Kevin Nealon and Phil Hartman.

It's a great fake commercial - check it out:

H: Anytime, take your time. Maybe they were a bit heavy, but nonetheless, I was in that kind of mood then. If you feel like returning the favour, you can make my next interview super introspective too.

Hooles: You first...

Lollie said...

Okay, so you went first, I'll pony up the supperclub night.