Saturday, April 14, 2007

Colour Me Happy

Today I cover the world.

After a lovely morning of bank, bagel, coffee and movie drop off, Ray and I got to painting the eggplant coloured wall and logo in his old office. The two coats were easy enough, but I was not paying attention to the label when I bought the can of primer. Oil based. Yeah...that stuff doesn't wash out of the brush when you're done with it. Nor does it wash off your hands with soap and water when you have attempted to squeeze the paint out of the brush with your fingers. I look like I'm wearing gloves. Must get to the turpentine in the garage...

Fixed my painted hands and thought, what the hell, I've already done it to my hands...why not my feet? Bought some lovely French manicure stuff and gave myself a homemade French pedi.

Now I have the urge to to do a watercolour. I have to paint when I am motivated to do so, because I have no discipline otherwise. So I'm going to post this posthaste and get my ass to the sewing/art room. I hope whatever I'm painting turns out better than my pedicure - looks like my four-year-old niece did it.


Hulles said...

I'm glad you're off to paint.

Lollie said...

How did your computer upgrade go? Is Lucille II everything you want her to be?