Wednesday, April 25, 2007

SF - Night 1

So a last minute trip finds me in San Francisco, my old haunt - well, for thirteen years the East Bay was really my old haunt, but I think after living in the Upper Sunset and working at Mother Jones on Market Street for several months in 2002, I can also claim the city to be my own.

I arrived last night with no bags to be seen. I'm pretty confident that I was the only one on our flight that did the Florida, New York, California jaunt (it was free on miles), so just me and the blind guy were in the Delta lost luggage department going WTF?! Not sure what his deal was, maybe he tapped his way onto the wrong plane. I know, I can already feel the sunburn that I'll have when I'm frolicking in Hell.

Omar came to pick me up (thanks pal!) and we went directly to food in the Castro, as the cheese and crackers from Delta, surprisingly, weren't sticking to my ribs. Lime is a really sweet spot. Tapas dishes, super tasty drinks - maybe a little too tasty for my liking. I had a candied ginger infused vodka concoction. Spicy!

Then he took me to a place that required reservations and a password! Bourbon & Branch is this ultra cool speakeasy type bar that specializes in high-end, rare spirits and homemade juices and syrups. I had a Cucumber Gimlet made with cucumber infused vodka, elderflower extract, lime juice, homemade orange bitters and champagne that was so refreshing I felt like I belonged on a veranda in the very deep, very hot South. Omar had a rare tequila paired with a recommended Mexican beer (both were lovely).

Tonight I am getting together with the old Oakland Ballet gang on the other side of the Bay. Should be a hoot. And a late night. Details Thursday...

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cK said...

Sweet! I'm envious of you...but only for one more day.