Thursday, April 12, 2007

Infini Noir


5:55am - Rudely awakened from what I am pretty sure was an awesome dream by the Mank working up her next toss. Thought I got it all until I put my head back down on the pillow, and a got my cheek wet. Rinsed face, and slept on towel in exhausted defeat.
9:40 am - Nearly took a header on the shiny, newly waxed BMW/Mini dealer showfloor.
9:45 am - Was told by Joe that the passenger seatback wasn't broken, did I know that "you just need to flip the second lever on the side of the seat?" Guh.
9:55 am - Offered a PT Cruiser as a rental car. Ummm, let me think about No chance in hell.
2:00 pm - Burned tongue on Chicken HotPocket-like sandwich.
2:02 pm - Burned tongue again. Seriously, am I retarded?
3:30 pm - Travel goddess Julie emailed that we could get to Gran Canaria in October on miles, but we'd have to stopover four times and we'd have to start the journey from Miami, the airport from hell. (Okay, so that's not so black, but truly, MIA is just horrific for international travel.)

Going to tackle the freeway now - let's see what happens there...


cK said...

I'm loving these time-stamped updates! I especially like the tongue burning...though I sympathize with you. But two minutes apart? That's like a Homer Simpson move.

You're awesome, Lol. You make me smile all emoticon even =D

H said...

There's just something about Hot Pockets that makes them impossible to eat without burning your tongue. And if it's not hot enough to burn your tongue, it's too cold and it tastes like crap.

My boyfriend once stuffed an entire Hot Pocket in his mouth to win a five-dollar bet. This was before I knew him. He got his five dollars but hasn't touched a Hot Pocket since.

Lollie said...

Hot Pockets, McDonald's Apple Pies and molten lava cheese on hot pizza. We'll never learn - but doing it purposely? For five bucks? H, I bet he'd let you poke him in the eye for a quarter.

Hulles said...

You know, none of these sound so very bad at all except burning your mouth twice. I wonder what my own personal record is for repititions of burning my mouth on the same food item. Hopefully under 10, but probably close to it. Speaking of retarded.

Flenker said...

H didn't quite get the story right... Her boyfriend wasn't do it to win $5, but to get out of paying me $5. You can get the full story at my blog. :)