Saturday, April 21, 2007

Young Again

I saw my parents as teenagers today. I went over in the morning to see how my mom was doing - she's had a bout of food poisoning lately, it's lingering. So Dad came into the kitchen where we were having coffee and fixed himself a bowl of raisin bran. He put the bowl on the counter and reached for the paper.

Mom gave a little squeal and pointed to the floor. There was, on its back, what looked like a huge dead cockroach. Dad bent down to dispose of it and he picked up and popped it in his mouth. Mom gasped and blurted, "Ian!"

Dad gets these apple cheeks when he's being a smartass, he had them as he was saying, "It's a raisin...OH NO IT'S NOT!!" Mom squealed even louder. Dad made a motion to spit it at her and she smacked him on the arm.

They laughed at each other and looked seventeen.


Sassmaster said...

Awww. Nice.

H said...

That is so adorable.

Lollie said...

Isn't it? I just love those too rare moments.

cK said...