Friday, June 01, 2007


I have always had a Law & Order fear that I am going to be out walking in a park one day and stumble over a dead body in the bushes. Or that I am going to walk back to my hotel in the city and see a bloody foot sticking out of an alley. Or that I am going to one day, late at night after work on a Friday, open the lid to the office building's shoulder-height, parking lot garbage dumpster and see a greenish, horribly bloated face staring back at me.

Well, tonight it HAPPENED!!

After feeling all the blood drain out of my body and pool in my ankles leaving me light-headed and ready to vomit, I realized that it was the head of a surprised Shrek looking comically back at me from a full McDonald's "to-go" bag.

Fuck you McDonald's - I want those two years you just shaved off my life back.


whiskeymarie said...

Oh, you make me laugh...

I wouldn't want to find a dead body, but just a "part" would be interesting. In a wrong and morbid sort of way.
But only if Chris Noth is the cop on the scene. Only then.

H said...


cK said...

Whoa. Wouldn't that be awful?

But as it turned out well, I laugh at your fright.