Friday, June 29, 2007

Bell South Must Die

I'm having a serious Internet problem at the house. It's not there and hasn't been since Saturday. They've mistakenly turned off our service twice now and someone needs to die. Hopefully we will have it back soon and I can get back to my comfortable rhythm of posting on my couch at night. They said 24 to 48's been 36. Til it returns though, I can only steal moments at work to comment quickly on your blogs.



cK said...

A dark room briefly lit by the opening of a refrigerator door. The light reveals a headless body on the floor. We hear the sound of a beer opening.

Edit. It's now mid-day. An officer opens the fridge and sees a head.

"Poor bastard," he utters. "I bet he was late turning on their internet."

We see the headless body on the floor. He wears a Bellsouth uniform.

Ripped from the headlines...
-Dick Wolf

Lollie said...

I miss you the urge to blog again around the corner, or around the turn of the century?

H said...

I miss you. I hope your internet gets fixed. My Qwest has been extraordinary so far, and the only times it has not worked is when I have turned it off by accident. Because I'm an idiot like that.

Anyway, I hope your problem gets fixed in the next 12 hours, and if it doesn't, LAY THE SMACK DOWN.

Whiskeymarie said...

I'll start crank-calling Bell South, if you think it would help.