Thursday, June 14, 2007


Thanks to Sarah for her joke - that was actually pretty funny.

And thanks all - I'm having a better day today. At least I'm deciding to. I had a hell of a time on the phone this morning with Passport Canada (all of whom I think should be restrained in duct tape and beaten abut the head with a tube sock filled with poutine cheese curd for those of you who do not know any French Canadians). Idiots, all of them. How can one person tell me my passport has been mailed and here's your tracking number (which is wrong ps, DHL says the number is from last July and was delivered to Mr. Andrews in Maine signed sealed deliverd thank you very much), and then the very next agent tells me that my application has been "opened" but not "processed" and "no you can't speak to a Supervisor or another agent because I am actually retarded."


It was a conscious decision to put on a cute skirt that I just hemmed last night, a tiny sweater, make up and a hair accessory just to make myself feel better about my day. Girlie = feelgood for me today. Meh.

Passport Canada can suck it - you're not going to ruin my day.


whiskeymarie said...

Cute clothes can solve all the world's problems.

Well, at least mine, in my world.

Lollie said...

Sounds like your world is completely parallel to my world. Hey, maybe I'm Bizarro Whiskeymarie!

H said...

Cute clothes solve all the problems in my world too. Cute shoes are even better problem solvers.