Thursday, March 15, 2007

This Lady Could Be Smeared Pink India Ink

So my Pops is in India at the moment, sloshing around inside a potato factory waste pool looking for leaks in the liner. He sent a picture today from the inside of his car during the 1-hour ride to the plant. Yesterday he mentioned to my mom blithely (and rather stupidly) that he was surprised he made it to the plant alive because of the treacherous road. Now she's worried sick he won't come home alive. So today he sent this pic with the accompanying note:

Thought you might like to see the camels and trailers and the little kid being held by its side-saddle mother on a main highway - baby seats, pfft!

I'm telling my mom that I'm leaving Ray and moving to Mumbai with my lover/moped-owner Sardhi, father of my unborn baby!


cK said...

Moving to India? How very glaswegian of you!!

LaCosta (Lollie) said...

Can I be Indiwegian? I think it's just the Wegian part that I like so much.

Hulles said...

Just not Norwegian. I have enough of those running around already. And tell Sandy or whatever his name is that you're moving to Saint Paul with his unborn child and just send you big checks.