Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bad Hair Day

I saw a lot of bad hair yesterday (and on myself today - ugh). I was in Miami for a day-long business meeting. I think I counted 2 rugs, 2 bad dye jobs and 1 Dude, you need some conditioner. These were all on men. And this was before we all went to South Beach for dinner at Mangoes.

In South Beach, the bad hair belonged to the very sunburned man from, I'm guessing, Norway (Holy Banana Boat was he pale). It was wispy, combed over (NO!) and in no way sexy. Also not sexy was the hair on the not so sexy women (most of them looked like men in drag - wait...we were on South Beach...maybe they were men in drag). One last member of the Miami Bad Hair Club was the dyed-pink lap dog on the corner of Ocean and 8th. Pink - bright pink. Fuschia pink. If that dog looks like she's chasing her tail, I'm going to put money down that she's actually trying to run away from the hideous colour that is her. Bad owner! Bad, bad owner!


cK said...

I think I was "Dude, you need some conditioner!" dude!

And that pink dog was wack.

Not the Dell Dude,

LaCosta (Lollie) said...

You know how they have designer dogs now - those weird mixed breed thingies? Like a Pug and Beagle is a Puggle; a Lab and a Poodle is a Labradoole - this pink monstrosity was a Wackadoodle (Pink dog - wack, owner - lost her noodle = Wackadoodle).