Friday, March 23, 2007

Off to NY

I woke up early, packed up the bag (nearly packed the cat - she was hiding under my scarf), and am continuing to have a lovely morning. I think the highlight was sitting outside on the back porch, watching the cat sniff at the morning breeze, while I ate French scrambled eggs out of the frying pan with a spoon.

Looking forward to the work to do, just a simple weekend consisting of enjoying what the city has to offer and good dinners with several friends. Will catch up with y'all on Monday!

Alright New's up to you!


Hulles said...

What fun! I'm so jealous (of everything, including the scrambled eggs). Have a wonderful time. XO.

LaCosta (Lollie) said...

It's great so far Hulles - I went to the ballet yesterday afternoon and sat behind...Cynthia Gregory!!! More later - we are going to a diner for breakfast.

Hulles said...

I love Cynthia Gregory. I saw her dance, 'though I don't remember what. You rock. I hope you're still having a great time. XO.