Monday, March 12, 2007

Pretty Much Snarky

PMS - I have the pedal to the metal on this at the mo'. I'm so embroiled in being embroiled right now that if my bag had been bigger (or my head had been smaller) I might have stuck my face inside the bag of Sour Cream and Onion chips I ate for breakfast. Instead, I simply opted to cut the bag open and lick the salty dregs off the inside of the foil bag.

I'm going home now to finish Ray's bag of pretzels, the corn chips that have been sitting on the counter since last week's poker game (stale be damned) and I may even entertain a package of Ramen noodle mix, but without the noodles.

Nobody better stand in the way of me and my NaCl. Does anyone know where I can buy a salt lick?


Sassmaster said...

Oh man, I too am a worshiper of the sodium. If my doctor ever decides I should limit my salt intake, I might do something rash. Like ignore her utterly.

My dad, who is a farmer, will often haul (50 lb.?) bags of salt to his cows when they are grazing on pasture. Perhaps I could find a place in the kitchen for a bag. To Mills Fleet Farm!

Hulles said...

I prefer the deer salt licks that are now outlawed in many urban environments. I usually bring a block of salt with me when I go out on the town. At some point in the evening I go outside and smoke and lick the salt block and wish I lived somewhere else.

I blame hanging around cK for my writing style.

Hulles said...

And I saw your bloomers over at Kat's place. Woohoo for her on the gawkerization, it's a huge deal. And she means nothing to me, you're the only one I think about, it was only one time and I'll never do it again, promise.

cK said...

I'll have some salt-encrusted sea bass, please. Hold the sea bass.