Monday, October 23, 2006

Poor Poor Sujay

It was the eve of Sam's Christening. The '‘Rents were over for dinner with Sash, E, Kief and little pink-eyed Ryder. Suj was in town and everyone wanted to get together on Friday night, as Saturday day and evening was going to be reserved for the raucous party that was to follow the ceremony of Sam's entrance into the "Kingdom of Heaven." We had a great time but Suj wasn't paying attention to his bottle of Scotch. It was draining slowly but surely, and he was the only one drinking the 10-year-old McCallen single malt. A third of the bottle was gone by midnight.

So up we got in the am - not too early of course, though Ray and I were none the worse for the wear...Sujay rolled out at around noon. We had gone for bagels so he tried to placate his sour stomach with some bread and milk. Then his dehydration got the better of him when he saw me drinking a berry juice and Seven-up combo. He wanted one as well, so he made himself one to quench the thirst.

Bad move.

After driving very carefully, we got to the Christening (normally I'm hell on wheels, right Kelse?). I was kind because he was grading between green and sheet white - hard for an Indian. Suj said to the hosts in his lovely British accent, "Hello, nice to meet you, where is your bathroom please?" Apparently he had his own Christening to perform at the porcelain alter.

He managed to rally for the ceremony, but Ray had to drive him home shortly after the water touched Sam's forehead. Too bad. They had a bounce house. There were midnight races for the adults, and we missed them.

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cK said...

That poor bastard.

However, I suspect that Ray took some less than secret joy from Sujay's suffering!