Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Was Late

So, my period is officially late. This is day 29...and I don't usually make it to day 28. I keep checking to see if my math is just way off. But it isn't.

So on Saturday I bought a box with two sticks. Peed on it in the morning and I got one line: Not PG. Wasn't convinced when I didn't get my period during the day so I did it again this morning. One line, again. WTF? Where is my period? Did I stress myself out so much this week that I made it go away? Did Wednesday's meltdown scare it out of my body? Not sure. We'll see what happens.

Maybe I'm going through early menopause...

On Tuesday, I arranged a bloodtest for this afternoon because now I was way late. I knew the second I sat my ass on the exam table and extended my arm for the draw I'd start to feel crampy and boob-sensitive.


Got it Wednesday night. No resutlts from the doc yet, but really, do I need it?

Bloody NO!


cK said...

This photo seems like something from the Harajuku CosPlay, but I don't know if the photographer includes any explanatory info:

It's apt for your tale, though. Huzzah!

LaCosta (Lollie) said...

GAH! That's disgusting...and mildly disconcerting. The bloody schoolgirl on the left is wearing the exact same character shoes I used to wear in 1983 during Hungarian Character dance class.

Maybe she went Postal/Collumbine/Amish on her school chums?