Friday, October 13, 2006

On Purpose or Bad Timing?

Finally caught the movie Deliverance. I had always heard about the squeal-like-a-pig scene and thought that I'd want to avoid it. But I found the movie on the TV from the beginning and quite honestly, I was riveted. I watched until the point where Mountain Man 1 assaults Ned Beatty and then Mountain Man 2 is about to go for Jon Voight. Burt Reynolds shoots an arrow through MM 1's chest, and we cut to a commercial.

For Cialis. Yes, Cialis...the other Viagra.

The tagline?

"When the moment is right, will you be ready?"

What I heard was:

"When the moment is right, will you be Ned Beatty?"

1 comment:

cK said...

Wow. That's one poorly timed commercial. Or perhaps Cialis paid for that spot? Knowing that people were at least thinking about some form of pokey? and would, thus, remember Cialis?