Thursday, October 12, 2006

Holy 37

It's my birthday tomorrow. We're having a small family get-together at our house, chili and lasagna courtesy of my husband. Ray makes three wicked dishes and these are two of them (the other is chicken masala, but he hasn't made that since he was trying to impress me when we were dating).

Presents received thus far:
  • two pairs of shorts and a pair of coulottes from Old Navy (Mom)
  • a Sheryl Crow long-sleeved T from the concert last night (Jen)
  • the concert last night (unknowingly given by Tom - it was just fortuitous timing)
  • two pairs of kickin' boots from Nine West (me)
  • yesterday afternoon off (also me)
Looking forward to stretching the celebration into the weekend...maybe I can finally drag Ray to the Norton Museum for a day of art-strolling. Maybe I can even convince him to get up early on Saturday morning and go to the Farmer's Green Market with me. Okay, so that might be pushing it.

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