Monday, October 16, 2006

An Even Better List

In the spirit of the birthday list, I propose to you my outstanding list for Monday:

All The Shit That Broke Today
  • my Outlook viewing pane, then the send and receive, then the entire program
  • the server NOD updates
  • server service package 3
  • server drive E "bad mail folder"
  • server mirrored hard drive (needs serious replacement)
  • Adobe Acrobat (corrupted files - what else?)
  • Access program on my laptop
  • mail server on the web (apparently doesnt exist)
  • had to write the above "doesnt" without the apostrophe - cause GUESS WHAT? I just found out that it is broken TOO!!! Holy Crap! Cant a girl get an effing break? It keeps taking me to "find." I dont want find!

Quite honestly, I want to get a blow torch and go Office Space on the server, or just beat the everlovingratshit out of it.

How good would this make me feel? Bueno, excellente.

Seriously, Im going home to drown myself in a rum runner, and yes cK, Im having the floater.

1 comment:

cK said...

And if that UTI returns, you back teeth just might float from the floaters. Ghastly!!

Tuesday will be better (but I'm not going to promise).

Big hugs,