Thursday, October 12, 2006

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees

But it does lie next to lawyers.

I had (note the tense) an open Workers Comp claim for my busted up left knee - two surgeries as many of you know. After a four year lull (during which I had basically forgotten that I had an open claim) I got a call from my lawyer (who I now love dearly - all you lawyer-haters: Suck It). He proceeds to tell me that my case is being settled at a very pleasing amount, 4/5ths of which I will be receiving via cheque very shortly.



I get a call from him a few days later saying that the State of Cali wants me to go away, as in, never bother them again about my knee. This means they'd like to "buy me out" for another grand sum.


"Do you want to take what I consider to be their very generous offer?" said lawyer says to me.

Fighting back the urge to say "Chuh!" I say politely, "Well, if you think it's a good offer, then I'll take it." He wants $4,700 for the five years of representing me - I say "You bet." This is how happy I am...I want him to have the money. He deserves it. Anyone who can get me a nice tidy little windfall such as this one without any fuss and bother on my part is fee-worthy to me.

ps - It's all tax-free!!! Christmas came early to my household. Champagne and truffles for everyone.

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cK said...

Ah. So THIS explains the Harvard accent I heard in your voice today. ... Good on that.