Wednesday, October 18, 2006

No Pop, Just a Dull Throb

I think I hurt my foot.

I came in today after failing to fix the server problem yesterday (can I just tell you hard it was to get motivated enough to get out of bed with the "promise" of today?) , and went to the server to see if the backup had been somewhat successfull. Looks like maybe part of it had, but of course, something had to go wrong with it. The DVD got spit out but the backup did not I have to do it manually.

I went through the motions (and I say this with the enthusiasm of Steven Wright) but of course when it came to the critical point of inserting the DVD, the f_cking machine told me to enter the DVD in the drive.

I already had.

Redid the entire thing (again the motions, with the enthusiasm of Mr. Wright). Still wants me to put in a new DVD.

Again, I already had.

After the third try I kicked the file cabinet that the server was sitting on. Pretty sure it's not broken (my foot), but I'm sure glad I don't dance for a living anymore. Otherwise, I may have just taken myself out of a week of performing.


cK said...

My foot feels your pain, friend. But it sounds like we're closer. (?) Apparently, all we needed was a little intimidating violence.

Am going to a Finnish bistro for lunch.

LaCosta (Lollie) said...

It finally happened. I had the major meltdown that I felt has been coming now for days. After the foot incident, the fax wasn't sending so I tried to call a mag to tell them that we wanted to be in their Buyer's Guide.

The phones were out.

I lost it. Cried my eyes out, called Mom and E and everyone came to my rescue. All are here now and Ralph is also here pulling the server apert to replace faulty bits.

More later.