Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What's Lower Than A Lowlight?

It's just so ridiculous that I'm beyond caring and I'm just purely entertained now. Last installment had us waiting for Tuesday's appointment wherein the "specialist" would come and fill the holes on the wall after removing the bracket. Arrangements for a box to be FedExed were made, however, My Guy organizes for the "specialist" to bring another box and install that when he's here hole-filling. Ready? Here we go.


- got an email confirmation that we were getting serviced today, however, it didn't say what service...
- called to confirm that we were having the proper service
- proper service confirmed, be ready to receive said service between 8 and 12.


-periodically looking up at clock on stove...hello 8:30, ooh almost didn't see you there 9:15, goodbye 10:20, whacha doin' 11:45, hey lookitthatit's 12:35, maybe I should call since its 1:15, fuck it, I'm busy
- okay so now it's 2:15
- call ensues, prepared to rant
- decides not to rant but to ask the service expert if they think what we're going though is a bit ridiculous...or is this normal?
- service expert, aka Steve, who is delightful and can take shit like the best of them, becomes my buddy
- Steve asks if he can put me on hold for just two minutes while he sorts this out with his supervisor
- Steve returns chuckling a bit (we're old friends by now) saying that we did in fact have an appointment scheduled, just on a day that doesn't exist. It was marked down for 9/9/99.


- *guh*

- Steve organizes to shut off our service at midnight (so we don't have to pay for what we can't see and haven't seen for the past week) and reschedules the appointment and service for our return date in September

Today is Wednesday

- just to confirm that our service was indeed suspended at midnight, I turn on the TV to discover that the DTV is still coming to our broken-turning-off-every-twenty-seconds box
- I don't even have the energy to call
- thirty minutes later the FedEx dude shows up with a bright shiny new box
- I don't even have the energy to tell him to take it back we don't want it we're getting a new one later and it's coming with a guy who can actually install it


- its 5:23 pm, and we still have service
- question: do we torture ourselves and try to install the new box by ourselves tonight?
- bet: if we do get it installed properly and everything is working, what's the over/under on our service getting cut off tonight at midnight?!


Sassmaster said...

Oh, the hate. Order a bunch of scorpions delivered to their office!

Lollie said...

Is that what you did after your doctor's appointment? Are we speaking from experience here...?

Sassmaster said...

Nah, I couldn't get my hands on any, so I'm just directing bad thoughts in their general direction.

Whiskeymarie said...

I agree.
And, I would try to install it myself, if it were up to me.
I can't stand to leave things unfinished.