Thursday, August 23, 2007

Notes To Self

  • don't take a modern class after five years of no dance classes whatsoever
  • don't take the entire class, grande allegro included (for those who don't do dance speak, this means the last half hour where all you do is jump and eat up the space (with a knee injury and oh did I mention not taking class in like 5 years?)
  • don't go to Moe's bar and take Barishnikov's advice to drink vodka post dance class as it it supposedly "good for the muscles" (which were quivering like jellyfish during the last hour of class BTW)
  • don't have three shots of Vanilla Stoli with a coke chaser (two would've done you just fine on a Thursday night)
  • make sure you chat with John The Inspiring K Through 5 Phys Ed Teacher
  • don't toddle home and decide to warm up left overs and run a bath at the same time
  • have the good sense to turn off the flame on the food - check
  • get in hot bath and stretch (thanks Cyndi for the sage advice)
  • don't drop the Ipod stereo remote control in the bath
  • don't try to call husband in bath while you worry about dropping yet another electonic device in the hot water
  • remember to stretch Babushka, stretch
  • make sure to drain tub - check, remove glass of water (evidence of sobering up) and reheat food because you truly, reeeeally need it to be be a functioning adult tomorrow morning
  • get in bed before husband comes home from business dinner in Manhattan, act like everything is normal
  • avoid headache in the am by remembering to take Advil before crashing
  • above all: pay mucho attentione to spellcheck
  • Say goodnight Gracie
  • Goodnight Gracie!


Whiskeymarie said...

I took a Modern class when I was 24-ish and hadn't taken a class in three or so years.
I learned that it IS NOT like riding a bike- not only had I seemed to forget everything I knew, but I felt like a 85 year-old with Parkinson's doing it.

I would have drank too. Lots.

We should take a class together sometime. It would be hilarious.

Lollie said...

Yet another thing I need to do before I die...get all Martha Graham with WM.