Thursday, August 16, 2007

No Sleep Till Brooklyn!!

I am in heaven. How much do I love it here? Ask me. ASK ME!! These past two days, I've been roaming streets, eavesdropping, and puttering in a new and empty home, wishing I had a pad and pen with me at all times (lesson learned, hello) so I could share the perfections that have been life. Snippets in Target, bits in coffee shops, shared moments at "home."

The good morning I got from an old man with a cane, discovering that 40 Acres and a Mule is on my street, the shout outs between box store aisles, the surly Korean grocer, the slate sidewalks, the saxophone I can hear outside of our window, the walk of shame I heard at four this morning. All of it...I Love It All!

Here is a pic of our first night...I really wanted to eat Chinese, out of the box, wth chopsticks, sitting on the floor - but the surly Korean grocer said there was no good Chinese in the neighbourhood, so pizza it was.

And heaven it was as well.


Whiskeymarie said...

Is my room ready yet?

cK said...

That photo rocks. And, yes, I certainly noticed Ray eating his pizza in proper NY style!

In Sweden, we ate pizza with friends Bo, Ulla and Malin one night. Bo told this story of being in Sacremento and having pizza...and being sort of weirded out by the American way of eating it with one's hands.