Monday, August 06, 2007

Things That Are Cute

We have an assortment today of things that are cute:

The always adorable, Baby In A Box (No Justin Timberlake jokes here, please...)

The Squishy-Hearted Husband Who Likes To Spoon The Cat

If you can't get enough of this one, the Management has provided a close up

Tipsy Chicks: Four of the Cutest Party Wannabeers on a Slightly Quieter Than Wanted Ladies Night

E is half winking, I'm just happy to be out, G wasn't happy with her hair so she shook it out and made me take another (see below), and Dee Dee is telepathically telling the Bartender (see also below) that she is not interested no matter how many free drinks you give me.

Shaken, not Stirred

I think John the Bartender may have received Dee Dee's mental message...

Let me ask...if you were single, would you hit it?


Whiskeymarie said...

Cute, but not my type.
Though, maybe with a few cocktails in me...
Depends on what his pants & shoes look like, I guess.
I'm picky that way.

You & your fellow ladyfolk are tres cutes.

Worker Mommy said...

What a group of hot to trot gals

Naw..not my type. He needs a little more meat on his bones (which is rather funny for me to say considering my hubby does too)

3carnations said...

Cute enough, I suppose, but bartenders...How many numbers do you think he got that night? I'm just sayin'...

Lollie said...

3c - small group that night...lots of gay men, two motorcycle mamas and us. Maybe the look on his puss was severe disappointment that there would be none that night, or if there was, it was going to be hairy...just sayin'.