Sunday, February 04, 2007

Mountain...Meet Mohammed

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself. I have been waiting for a really long time to have a friend, or a friend's friend say to me, "You know what? We have a Book Club and I think it would be really nice if you wanted to join us."

Never happened.

So today, I decided to introduce a man to a particularly large piece of rock. I went to Barnes and Noble, bought six copies of Anita Shreve's A Wedding in December, and handed them out at my brother's Superbowl party. We ladies have a date in the beginning of March, and honestly, if it turns out to be a crap read and the gathering is 2 minutes of Book and an hour and 58 minutes of Club - I don't care. People are reading and I am getting everyone out of the house for a bit of child-free girl talk. Wanna join?


zjjllb said...

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Hulles said...

Sure, it might be the best browser fo you in History, but what about Geography? And Biology? Perhaps you need different browsers for those classes. Sorry, you may have noticed I have a sarcastic streak. I think your book club idea is a great one; even better is that you took it upon yourself to be proactive and solve the problem yourself. Kudos for that. And for your blog as well; you seem to be an engaging person as well as an articulate one.

LaCosta (Lollie) said...

Thanks Hulles - I've quietly enjoyed your blog for some time now. Maybe I'll be louder from now on...and ps - I've a wicked sarcastic streak myself.

Hulles said...

Thank you. And good...and ps - good. Apropos of nothing here, I think if you turned "word verification" on in your blog you would eliminate most if not all of the spam stuff. I mentioned this to a mutual friend as we were discussing you recently (as in about an hour ago), but I thought I'd tell you directly. Sorry for the off-topic part of the comment, though.