Saturday, February 24, 2007

Plus D'answers

Oh Hulles, of course I know you weren’t serious about the WMS and the GGMD (Generally Gay Male Dancer). How could you not like at least some of the WMS? It can be great. And about the GGMD? Exaggerate away – it came through the way you intended. My problem is that I can’t convey my sarcasm as well as you do. I come off sounding preachy, but really, my tongue is also firmly planted in my cheek. A different mouthhold of sorts.

So, you’ve inspired me to get out this weekend and drown myself in dance. I went on and looked up some theatres. Turns out Garth Fagan is going to be in Lake Worth (going on Saturday night by myself) and New York Theatre Ballet is going to be in Delray (going, again, by myself on Sunday for the matinée). Guess what NYDT is doing? AGNES DE MILLE CRAP!! Our favourite whats-his(well, her really)-name’s Rodeo! Ahahaha! It’ll be a glorious night of Copeland. Actually, I think I may have written this in the comment that got eaten not so long ago, but I love Copeland’s scores. Sorry! His sweeping plains, vistas, laments, tenderness. Ahh…I could dance to it forever. It’s the hoedown-ey kind of stuff that gets to be a little too much. Have you heard his score to The Tenderland? That’s the pic with my and my partner Joral (Jor-al, not Jor-al as in Superman’s father fame). Now that’s some meaningful music. Maybe just to me though. His Billy the Kid and The Tenderland were kind of breakout ballets for me in Oakland.

I love what you said about RFBCC’s mistakes and flaws. They are very noticeable in this form, not so much in WMS. Maybe that’s why I felt more comfortable in moe-dairn stuff…I felt more free to make mistakes because there was always a way pull them off if you had your artistic head about you. I liked the availability of thinking on your feet (no pun), staying on your toes (oh please stop!). There’s a wall of perfection around classical dance, and there was no room for anything – not even heavy breathing. I make it sound like I hated pure ballet – I didn’t - honest…but the neo-classical, the modern really spoke to me. I loved it when I found it. And BTW – had you seen me dance you would have loved me! I mistaked and flawed all over the place! I had a nasty habit of falling down. Mostly it was embarrassing, but sometimes it was hilarious.

Let’s see, where are we up to now? I need to refer to your message. Hmm, hmm, hmm, ah yes. The marriage thing. Uh-huh, I was related to one of them. I was married to Michael Lowe for almost ten years. That’s a saga in itself – and in looking at your Mythos page (thanks for including me! When do I leave the little known status and move on to the next level?), I notice you have had a saga or two yourself?

An aside: It’s midnight and I have the choice to watch Taxicab Confessions or Def Poetry Jam. I think I will go with the poetry, though I am always on the lookout for the Confessions episode where my ballet company coworker N______ is one of the strippers on a pole in the musical interludes…couldn’t believe it when I saw her there the first time. Bud Light please.


Hulles said...

I love talking about dance. Or in this case, listening. You and my ex-family are the only people I can talk about this stuff with. So misc comments in no particular order:

I still detest Copeland's music but I'll certainly grant that it might be fun to dance to. It isn't fun to sit and listen to, at least for me. De gustibus non disputandum, as they used to say when I was growing up in Rome.

Agnes de Mille did the Rodeo thing? I (obviously) didn't look it up, mostly because I didn't want to yak on my keyboard. She was one of the panelists on I've Got A Secret, right? Kidding. Actually, you're saying you like to dance it and its ilk is the first reason I've ever had to reconsider my dislike of it. And if you don't think that's a big compliment, you are sadly mistaken missy.

I was really really really hoping you were being sarcastic, particularly in light of the emails I sent you, but if in doubt one must treat it seriously so I did. But as far as tongues in cheeks, well... oh nothing.

I can't believe you partnered with Superman's father. I'm going to tell everyone.

Yeah, we'll shwap expartner shtories shometime. Lud Bight please. Hic!

I'll change the Mythos page as soon as I sober up. I originally had it down differently but I altered it because I didn't want to reveal more about you than you revealed yourself, swell fucker that I am. But now that you're out of the ballet closet (and you smell like mothballs by the way, yech) I'll change it back again and figure out something to say I'm sure. Heh heh. You may regret bringing it up... Kidding, I adore you.

And I would give anything to have been able to see you dance. Sigh. You could have mistaked and flawed your way into my heart years earlier.

What a wonderful couple of posts. Oh, btw, I have a great story about why TU Dance is on my blog page, remind me to tell you.

XOXOXOXO and thanks lots and lots.

Hulles said...

Correction - "Actually, you're saying..." s/b "Actually, your saying..." of course. More damn homonyms, I hate 'em. I'm homonymophobic.